Our clients include leading national companies from the maritime industry sector. We have been engaged by: domestic and foreign shipowners and ship managers, towing companies, agents, marine freight forwarders, marine shipyards building, repairing and/or equiping ships,  dredging companies, hydro-technical companies and firms exploiting the seabed, as well as insurers and banks.


In addition, we have represented the seafarers and their families in the matters of claims for work performed on ships and accidents at work.


We have also acted on behalf of many clients, whose business is located onshore: construction, manufacturing, chemical companies, commercial developers and property managers, architectural offices, hospitals and medical clinics.


The firm is committed to helping the families of seafarers through the Foundation for People of the Sea. We have given up the traditional Christmas cards sent to our clients, replacing them with electronic ones. The funds saved are passed to the foundation. In cooperation with the foundation,  legal advice can provided by our lawyers without a charge.


This is possible after forwarding documents relating to the case to the Foundation and appointing the meeting with the Foundation’s staff.