Wybranowski Nowicki Law Office was established in 1999 as a limited partnership of legal advisers Andrzej Wybranowski Wybranowskiego and Sławomir Nowicki, and with a participation as a limited partner of Euroafrica Shipping Lines - the largest private Polish shipowner. Scope of activities and market position of the limited partner had a significant impact on the operations of the firm, contributing to establishing its solid grounds among customers in shipping industry.


The firm combined the dynamism and commitment of young lawyers with knowledge and experience of one of the most respected practitioners of maritime law - Mr. Andrzej Wybranowski. For the present partners he was the undisputed mentor and authority. In 2003 the firm was transformed into a general partnership of legal advisers: Andrzej Wybranowski, Sławomir Nowicki and Alina Luczak, while in January 2009 Mrs. Katarzyna Bielarczyk joined the firm as a partner.


 After the death of Mr.Wybranowskiego in 2009, the other partners decided to honor his legacy of a great teacher, lawyer and human, by keeping unchanged the main body of the company name: "Wybranowski Nowicki Law Office." They accepted that the name will be an important memento, determinant of principles and standards by which it the lawyer’s profession should be performed.


Nowadays, the driving force of the firm is three partners, legal advisers: Sławomir Nowicki, Alina Łuczak and Katarzyna Bielarczyk. Along with senior associates, other counsels, apprentices and other lawyers, they form a highly qualified, experienced and effective team. The firm’s staff is approx. 20 people (the exact number depends on the number of apprentices), thanks to which the firm is able to undertake difficult and complicated cases even when customers are under time pressure. Firm offers legal assistance primarily to business entities, domestic and foreign and has long-term contacts with specialized law firms in Europe and the world. Many of our clients, appreciating the complexity of the services provided, have decided to enter with us into permanent contracts for legal services.


The firm specializes in providing legal services in the field of civil and commercial law, but in particular is widely rits assistance to ecognized for shipping and maritime trade. The firm has dynamically developed its activities also on the legal services market for architects and construction companies, thus expanding the range of expertise on issues of copyright and construction. For years, constantly worked with the West Pomeranian Chamber of Architects. Another main area of ​​activity of the office is medical law, which is associated with support by the office of one of the largest private hospital groups in Poland. We provide services both in the country and abroad where we coordinate the clients’ matter held by foreign lawyers. This is possible thanks to close cooperation with renowned law firms from all over Europe and the World.


You may communicate with our lawyers in Polish, German or English. Starting from April 2009, the firm also operates through its registered branch in Gdansk. This enables yet better assistance to the clients from the Tri-City region or to those having there their business.