We provide comprehensive legal services for business entities in the full scope of their activities. We develop and implement concepts for the functioning of holding groups and business entities in Poland and abroad. We prepare legal opinions, give legal advice and provide thorough assistance. We prepare drafts of all kinds of agreements and other legal acts. We participate in commercial negotiations. We represent our clients in litigation, arbitration, administrative and tax proceedings, at Maritime Chambers, as well as in proceedings before the experts committees for medical events. We draw up a draft memoranda and articles of association of commercial companies and develop all corporate documents and take care of the registration matters of the same.


Below are the main fields of our activity set out in more details.


We provide all services in the field of maritime law, Polish and international. We specialize primarily in charter and carriage contracts, claims under bills of lading, contracts of ship’s sale, construction or repair, loan agreements for financing the purchase, securities, mortgages and maritime liens, registration of vessels. We are engaged in maritime labor law, we represent shipowners not only in court and arbitration cases, but also at maritime administration bodies and/or Maritime Chambers.


We advise on all matters related to civil law, especially property law and obligations, in particular declarations of will and their defects, form of legal acts, contractual or on tort liability, mortgages, pledges, servilities, sales contracts,  warranty liability, penalty clauses, contracts of carriage, rent, lease, tenancy, contracts for work, construction works, agency contracts, loans, guarantees, lease etc. We deal with all kinds of civil claims and their pursuing in court or arbitration.


Creating, merging, splitting, acquisition, liquidation of commercial companies and their branches; corporate relationships in companies, draft contracts of companies, capital groups, corporate governance, the share S&P agreements, assisting meetings of shareholders, additional shareholders' agreements, resolutions on the increase or reduction of the share or stock capital, additional payments, redemption of shares, exclusion of the shareholders from the company; representation of companies or members at the National Court Register.


Contracts for architectural design work (concepts, projects and construction designs), architectural contests; agreements on other works under copyright law, personal rights and economic intellectual property rights, operation fields for works, trading copyright, artists’ claims, their protection, protection against claims, the relationship between the rights of authors of works of primary and dependent works, trademarks, their restriction and protection , etc.


P&I and H&M insurance matters; insurance guarantees; liability insurance for businesses and members of the companies, medical activities insurance; casco insurance, business assets insurance; motor vehicle insurance, insurance of goods in transit. Supporting the claims process, redress of policies, negotiating insurance contracts or their renewals.


Activity therapeutic clinics, hospitals, private medical practices and professionals. Patients' rights, data protection, procedures for the operations they perform healing. The contracts with the NFZ - negocajcje, disputes about the execution. The restructuring, commercialization and privatization of medical facilities. The investigation of compensation claims arising out of events and medical errors, protection against such claims.


Issues related to the PIT, CIT, VAT, PCC, or inými excise taxes or fees. Analysis of tax risks, requests for refunds, overpayments, interpretations. Representing clients in tax proceedings and criminal-treasury, before the US, IS, UKS, WSA, NSA. Support during tax inspections. Tax aspects of business restructuring, CFC handling. Agreements on avoidance of double taxation, tax permanent establishments, withholding taxes.


Investor services at all stages of the construction process, commercialization of real estate, support for contractors agreements, design-build, construction works, general contracting and subcontracting, contracts according to FIDIC, consortia. Advice for contractors in public procurement. Guarantees implementation and execution, redress, relationships and responsibilities of participants in the construction process.


Onshore and offshore labour law, labour code, MLC 2006 and the Law on maritime labour, issues related to employment on ships and platforms, recruiting, CBAs, internal regulations for work, remuneration, moving the workplace, specially protected employees, redundancies and employment termination by the employer. Support in dealing with the PIP, labour offices, representing employers in labour and social security courts.


Our services we strive to provide the harmonized rules and standards, the detailed conditions, such as deadlines or remuneration may be different for each customer. With clear rules of cooperation, we can focus on what our customers are the most important.


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